ARNKA = Community

It’s been a few weeks since our last Main Season CSA Pick Up. The end always brings me mixed feelings.

It’s nice to have a daily schedule that allows for more freedom in my activities and chores. And I’m relieved to realize we actually made it to the end with full shares.

But another part of me feels sad. And more than a tad bit lonely.

pick up.jpeg

That’s because my CSA members have truly become like family. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s truth.

When you see someone every week for 20 weeks and chat with her about family, work, and vacations, you become friends. With many members, we moved past the typical small talk and discussed deeper issues like fears of inadequacy, health problems, and stress. Now picture that happening over the course of 5 years. That’s real relationships.

I can hear you asking, “Are you running some sort of therapy sessions out there? I thought you were a veggie business.”

I get it. It sounds so foreign if you aren’t a part of it. But that’s kinda what happens when you become a member of our CSA. (Let this serve as your warning to those of you who are considering joining next year! :) )

God made me an incredibly social person who longs for real relationships in community. And I believe, no matter how social you are, everyone desires to belong and have fun with others.

Which is why we started our CSA. But we didn’t want it to end there.

That’s why we host free community events at our farm each spring and fall. We just had our Halloween FarmStand and, despite the cold and wind, we had a blast! I mean, it doesn’t get much better than a bunch of kids in costume running around the farm looking at all the animals in their costumes. And the parents running into their neighbors or laughing with people they just met.

And I get to talk to them all! It’s like a dream come true. :)

Now that our big events are over for the year and we have less people visiting our Farm, I will spend more time creating community on our social media pages and through emails. I hope you will join the discussions with me. I mean, if you don’t, I will still talk to myself. But it’s more fun when you all join in.

So send me an email or text telling me what you like best about your community, your church, or groups in which you are involved. And if you are lacking community (or just want more), come join ours. We are open every Saturday 9-11. You can hang out with the Farmers and animals, breathe in the fresh country air, and take home some local produce to enjoy with your family.