Things I Do

It’s my birthday week. I turn the big 4-0 on Friday. (Happy birthday to me!)

rachel teaching class.jpeg

Last year I shared with you some things I don’t do. This year, I’m sharing some things I DO do.

I DO talk loud.

Admittedly, sometimes it’s not so appropriate to talk loudly. For example, not everyone in line at Target wants to hear that my hands still smell like cow even though I washed them after milking. (The Young Farm Girls frequently have to remind me to talk quieter in public.)

But I won’t be embarrassed about the decibel of my voice. It’s perfect for doing what I love.

My loud voice is great for teaching classes at Hawkeye or through the UNI Local Foods program. It’s great for talking to customers next to their kids laughing and playing. It comes in handy when I do live videos on Facebook and my goats are crying out for attention.


I DO talk to anyone and everyone.

I was the reason teachers switched seating arrangements mid-year. In fact, I even got moved around when no one else did. They all thought it would stop me from talking to the student next to me. (Oh, my dear innocent teacher, you can move me anytime you want. I don’t care who I sit next to. I will talk to them when I’m supposed to be doing my math.)

While it probably annoyed my parents and it definitely annoys Farmer Andy, I will continue to talk to pretty much anyone I come in contact with.

This desire to talk is great because I have hundreds of different people visit my farm each year. I want to welcome them and share life with them. I can talk to the stranger in line at Target about why I love growing fresh veggies (as long as they aren’t gross out about my too-loud comment about my stinky cow hands). And I can explain to potential customers how we can help them save money by buying produce from us.

I DO like my arm muscles.

Ok, so that might seem like a weird one to include, but hear me out!

state fair arm muscles.jpg

I used to get embarrassed when women would comment on them. Now I flex my biceps and tell them to feel them. (Just kidding. I’m not that weird.)

I do love a good stress-relieving, push-my-limits workout. Usually that includes some weight-lifting. And those strong arms help me do my work around the farm. I no longer have to ask Andy to unload the 40 50# bags of grain we pick up every other month (although he usually steps in and does it anyway). I can carry 2 bales of hay at a time. I can carry full buckets of water to the animals. I can lift the 30# dumb bells for the cheese press.

I can do my farming job better because I enjoy working out my arms.

I am proud of who I am and who I am still becoming.

I’m not the “best farmer” or “best business owner.” I honestly suck at paperwork and following The Plan. But I keep trying. And I know I’m good at helping families learn how to use the items we grow for them.

And that’s what keeps our business going. Perhaps some day when I’m ready, it will even grow bigger than I ever imagined. But for now I love the size we are. The size where I know everyone’s name and veggie preferences. And many birthdays and jobs and life struggles. And where they know mine.

So I’m going to keep doing the things love. Keep running the race God has set for me.

And I encourage you to keep running YOUR race. Not your neighbor’s, your sister’s, your coworker’s, or spouse’s. Be proud of who you are. Flaws and all. Because those “flaws” could really be gifts in disguise.

I DO love to hear from all of you.

Send me an email with things you DO like to do or things you DO love about yourself. Especially if at one time you or others thought it wasn’t so great. Heck, just send me an email. I love hearing from you!