Some things I just won't Do

So, it was my birthday on Thursday. I turned 39. I remember when 40 seemed so far away. Like that was old. But it’s not so far away anymore. And I’m ok with that. I mean, I actually really liked my 30’s. Way less comparison with other women (I said LESS, not none…I’m human), my kids are past the “Mom, come wipe my butt” phase, and Andy and I have settled into a very comfortable rhythm of life together. I’m gonna enjoy this last year of my 30’s and hope my 40’s are even better. I plan to become a grandma during that decade. OK, so that seems a little weird, but still pretty darn cool.


One thing I’ve stopped doing during my 30’s in the unnecessary things I don’t like to do. For example, I don’t like ironing clothes. So I’ve taught the Young Farm Girls how to do it and now it’s their chore. I also don’t like playing the game of Monopoly. So I don’t play it with my family. They can play it all they want, but I won’t join in. Give me Uno, Life, or Yahtzee and I’m all in. I don’t like shopping for “fun,” attending fancy parties, or mopping floors, so I’ve stopped doing those things. It’s actually quite refreshing.

Now I have more time to do the things I really love. Like hosting friends at my house, working out with my family, writing these blogs, teaching others to have a homestead, eating peanut butter, and working in the dirt. These types of things excite me and make me a nicer person to be around. At least I think so. And my family seems to agree. I’ve come to realize it’s okay to not like to do everything. God made all of us with different passions so we can work together in community.

I know some of you don’t like working in the dirt and growing vegetables. You want the yummy food; you want to eat healthier, but you don’t have the time or desire to grow them yourselves. You want to teach your kiddos to eat a variety of veggies, but you end up cooking the same thing all the time.

It’s like me with ironing and mopping. I want the results, but don’t want to do it. So I have the Young Farm Girls do it. (To be fair, they probably don’t love it either, but I’m teaching them Life Skills, right?) Here’s a better example: Andy likes Monopoly so that’s how he spends time with the girls while I can do something else.


When it comes to growing vegetables, I LOVE it! I want to be out there in the sun and dirt planting and harvesting your food. Let me do it for you! I’m telling you, it’s freeing to let go of the guilt of not doing something because you think you “should.” I’m not losing any sleep over not mopping the manure off my floors. You shouldn’t feel bad about letting someone else grow your vegetables and teach you how to cook them.

In fact, you should be happy you are allowing someone (ME!) to use her God-given talents and passions.